Sweetarts: Innovative Packaging Design and Creative Exploration for New Flavors

Sweetarts, a popular candy brand under Nestlé, known for its tangy and sweet flavor profile, sought to expand its product line with new flavors and chewy options aimed at engaging a multicultural audience across the USA.
To design packaging that not only stands out on shelves but also resonates with a diverse audience, reflecting the playful and vibrant nature of the Sweetarts brand. The goal was to create visually appealing and culturally inclusive packaging for the new flavors and chewy options, ensuring broad market appeal and increased brand loyalty.
Sweetarts chewy group cover


Adopting a comprehensive packaging design strategy, I focused on creating a cohesive and dynamic visual identity for Sweetarts’ new product line. This involved:

  • Conducting market research to understand the preferences and cultural nuances of a multicultural audience.
  • Developing packaging concepts that highlight the unique flavors and playful nature of Sweetarts, using vibrant colors and engaging graphics.
  • Ensuring the packaging design is both eye-catching and functional, with clear labeling and brand consistency across all products.
Sweetarts chewy packaging
Sweetarts gummies packaging
Sweetarts ropes packaging
Sweetarts sour packaging


The packaging design and creative exploration for Sweetarts included:

  • Vibrant and Playful Packaging: Utilizing bold colors and fun, animated graphics to capture the playful essence of Sweetarts, making the products stand out on shelves and appeal to both children and adults.
  • Clear Product Differentiation: Designing distinct packaging for each flavor and product type (Chewy, Gummies, Ropes, Sours) to make it easy for consumers to identify and choose their preferred Sweetarts variety.
  • Cultural Inclusivity: Incorporating design elements that resonate with a multicultural audience, ensuring the packaging appeals to diverse consumer groups across the USA.
  • Consistent Brand Identity: Maintaining a cohesive visual identity across all packaging to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty, with a focus on the iconic Sweetarts logo and signature colors.
Sweetarts chewy group shoot


The innovative packaging design and creative exploration for Sweetarts led to:

  • Increased Brand Appeal: The vibrant and playful packaging successfully attracted a broader audience, enhancing the brand’s appeal among diverse consumer groups.
  • Higher Sales and Engagement: The new packaging designs contributed to increased product visibility and sales, with positive feedback from consumers on the fresh and fun look of the products.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: The culturally inclusive and visually engaging packaging helped strengthen brand loyalty among existing customers and attract new fans to the Sweetarts brand.

Through strategic packaging design and creative exploration, Sweetarts effectively expanded its product line, engaging a multicultural audience and reinforcing its position as a beloved candy brand in the USA.

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